Bays to Visit When Renting a Boat in Malta

Are you thinking of renting a boat in Malta? Here are a few places you could visit.

What better way to spend a typically sunny day in Malta than on the sea, visiting some of the most popular beaches on the North coast of the island? Whether you prefer rocky, sandy or in between and whether it’s snorkelling, swimming, or just snoozing under the sun that you’re after, you’ll surely find your own slice of heaven. Here are a few beaches and bays that we frequently visit by boat and that are also quite popular among tourists and locals alike.

Blue Lagoon

Located in Comino, this small inlet is well known for its irresistible aquamarine waters and white sandy bottom. Because of its beauty, it is extremely popular in the summer time and should one want to rent a deckchair for the day, an early ferry from Marfa or Cirkewwa is recommended. The bay is protected by a swimmers’ zone in order to prevent boats from disturbing the bay’s clear water and there are several caves around the lagoon which are worth snorkelling round. Film buffs may recognise one of them from the film, Troy, where Brad Pitt filmed some of his scenes. One can also explore the surroundings on foot as there are quite a few paths where one can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Mellieha Bay

This bay, also known as Ghadira Bay, is located in the town of Mellieha in the Northern part of Malta and is one of the country’s most popular sandy beaches. Its shallow sandy water goes as far as 50 metres out to sea and there is also a large inflatable water platform off shore for kids to jump around on. A number of lidos and kiosks on the shore offer water sport activities and food and drinks. The bay is divided into three parts with the middle beach being the longest and busiest while either ends of the bay are usually calmer and more family friendly. This bay is ideal for families with little children as it does not have any underwater currents and hardly every experiences rough seas. One can also visit the Ghadira Nature Reserve, across the road from the beach, which is home to a variety of small mammals and reptiles and many different types of birds.

Crystal Bay

This Bay gets its name from its crystal clear waters that range from emerald green to aquamarine.  Surrounded by caves and steep cliffs, it is mainly accessed by boat and provides great opportunities for swimming, diving, snorkelling and even feeding the fish from the luzzu…they love to eat Twistees! From the bay, one can also see St Mary’s tower perched on the cliffs. This tower doubled as the Chateau d’If in the famous film, The Count of Monte Cristo which was filmed in various parts of the Maltese Islands.

Santa Maria Bay

This small sandy beach, also located on Comino and neighbours Blue Lagoon. Though it is possible to reach Santa Maria bay on foot from the Ferry drop off or Hotel, during the peak of our hot summer season, most tourists and locals prefer to visit by boat or drop off provided by hotel transport

Paradise Bay

Located the northern part of Malta, this beach is relatively small, set within a natural cove is surrounded with country side, making it ideal for hiking and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Beach parties are commonly held on this beach, such as the popular Love Sexy party held yearly. Snorkelling is highly recommended in these crystal clear waters. Since this little beach gets rather busy during the summer months, it is advised to get there early in order to secure your spot in the sun. To access this beach one can travel by car or by bus. There is a car park situated at the top of the cliff, and a flight of steps will take you all the way down to the beach.

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