More Bays to Visit While on Holiday in Malta

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There are many options for enjoying Malta’s coast and the most popular is renting a boat or chartering a Traditional Maltese fishing boat – Luzzu. We all know about the most well-known places to visit such as the famous Blue Lagoon in Comino but there are many other spectacular spots that offer crystal clear waters and also great snorkelling. Here are a just a few more of the bays one could visit during a holiday to Malta.

Wara l-blata

This little bay is known as ‘wara l-blata’ or ‘behind the rock’ by many locals. The rock in question is ‘il-blata tal-halfa’, found around 65 metres from the south-eastern coast of Qala in Gozo. To reach this boat by land is quite a mission and the best way by far is to take a boat trip there and make a day of it. The seaweed and sand on the seabed make the water an inviting patchwork of dark blues and light greens. This spot makes for some wonderful snorkelling, especially if one swims right around the rock as it is home to a variety of sea creatures such as octopus, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and colourful fish. A swim to the pebbled shore is a must when visiting this bay and many visitors take much pleasure in covering themselves in mud from the signature clay hills, leaving their skin incredibly soft and clean. One can also take a small walk along the coast and see the salt pans carved into the rock.


Armier bay can be found in the northernmost part of the island within the locality of Mellieha. In this bay one can find two beaches, the bigger one known as Armier and the smaller one as Little Armier. This bay is found across the water from Comino and is amongst the most secluded in Malta as there are no hotels in the vicinity and is less easy to access compared to other, more popular beaches. The turquoise water of this tranquil bay looks straight out of a postcard and surrounding the beaches one will see the small boathouses used by the locals as summer residences. This serene bay and its picturesque surroundings make it ideal for a day of relaxation and taking a break from the hustle and bustle of Island life.

San Blas

This bay has one of Gozo’s smallest sandy beaches and can be found on Gozo’s northeast coast, at end of an area surrounded by beautiful valleys. This beach is similar to the larger, more popular Ramla Bay in that it has the same reddish sand and is set in a rocky landscape. Unlike its larger sister however, San Blas has been largely untouched by humans and from land, is only accessible by walking down a steep hill. In fact, tourists wishing to visit this beach would do well to charter a boat and reach it by sea. Because its more secluded than those around it, it is a very tranquil bay, ideal for enjoying picnics surrounded by natural beauty. Like many bays around the Maltese Islands, the water around San Blas Bay offers crystal clear waters which lend themselves perfectly to snorkelling around the rocks.

Hondoq ir-Rummien

Translated from Maltese, Hondoq ir-Rummien means ‘Pomegranate Moat’, a reference to the pomegranate trees found in this area. This bay may be found on Gozo’s southern coast, just below the locality of Qala. Its small beach of white sand and pebbles is very popular with the locals who drive down through the village to bathe in some of the islands’ cleanest waters. Tourists wishing to visit this beach would have to hire a car or visit on a boat trip as there are no busses passing this way. The extra effort is well worth it as the small caves in the cove offer a great opportunity for diving and snorkelling beginners and even a little exploration by canoe if one fancies. Once on land visitors can take a walk on the coast that is sprinkled with traditional saltpans as well as enjoying a great view of Comino.

Dahlet Qorrot

This quaint cove is nestled in the cliff face in the North of Gozo and can be reached on land through the village of Nadur. Long used by the local fisherman to store their boats and gear in little boathouse carved straight into the rock, this calm little bay has an irresistible charm which is ideal for a day sunbathing on the rocks or snapping some sweet holiday photographs. This clear water makes for great snorkelling and gets quite deep in some areas. This means that children should be supervised here but also provides an opportunity for the more adventurous visitors to jump or dive off the rocks.

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